Overview of Standup Report

  • Add team members in your account

    Add your team members in your account to get started. You will need to provide name and email address of all the team members you want to add in your account. After successful adding of team members, our system will email them to create an account in our website and setting up their password. Once they are done with this process, they will be the active team member in your team.

    They can then add daily standup reports to all the meetings they are part of.

  • Create your projects and assign team members to it

    Create your projects in your account and assign team members to the team who are part of that project. After assigning team members, they can see the projects in their account. They can then add/update their reports in that project and see all the meetings scheduled for that project in their dashboard.

    You can also assign team members to multiple projects and they can add/update standup reports to all of those projects.

  • Schedule standup meetings

    After adding team members and assigning them to projects, you can schedule your daily standup meetings by providing Meeting name, project and meeting time. Your team members can see the upcoming meetings and time in their dashboard, which also allows them to create or update their standup report for that meeting.

  • Submit Reports

    Once team members are created and assigned to the projects, they can submit their daily standup reports using this form for the meeting. The form asks 3 questions, What you did last day?, What you will do today? and What are your roadblocks?

  • Manage Reports

    Manage all the submitted reports by the team members. Team members tells their progress and roadblocks in their way in the meeting.

What people say about Daily Stand Up Meetings

  • "I love the┬áDaily Stand-up Meeting, as it helps the whole team stay on track and provides a regular time for questions."

    Tara Richardson

    "I love the Daily Stand-up meeting, as it keeps everyone in the loop and on top of everything as it happens."

    Susan Smart

    "Stopping work for a meeting does mean losing the mental state called flow, which is why it's a good idea to have StandUp meeting start the day."


    "A stand-up meeting is:
    - An explicit reinforcement of the commitment by each team member to accomplish a goal
    - A means of dynamically adjusting the work by each team member to accomplish the goal
    - A daily synchronization between team members, informing team mates of work activities, progress and issues
    - A method of cross-checking progress with team mates
    - An accountability mechanism that has each team member accountable to other team members for their responsibilities
    - A visible demonstration of the ability of the team to self-manage their project responsibilities"

    Bill Hoberecht

  • "A stand-up meeting (or simply "stand-up") is a daily team-meeting held to provide a status update to the team members"


    "I think the diagnosis of stand-ups as a solution to an artificial problem is mistaken; there is a genuine need for some meetings, but also genuine pathological processes that can wreck even necessary meetings. Stand-up is an approach which tries to enable the former by warding off the latter. "

    Tom Anderson

    "I love the Daily Stand-up Meeting, as it brings everyone up to speed and in sync without wasting precious work time."

    Bill Kelly

    "The goal is to write software, not go to meetings, and that's why there are mechanisms to keep the meeting short, so you can go and do some productive work as soon as possible."


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