Daily Scrum Meeting

April 30, 2017

Here's how we do our daily scrum meeting at our IT company

Guest post by Geoffrey Lawson

Brief intro

We are a medium-sized IT services company. Building websites is what we do! Our team size is small, less than 50 head counts. However, we get many websites development requests, some small and some really big. For each website we assign developers, designers, testers, project managers, etc. Before using scrum meetings our meetings were consuming lot of time resulting in less work. This was also sometimes affecting deadline of the projects which was very embarassing.

Our HR started finding some online meeting websites to facilitate meeting process and reduce the "extra" time that employees were spending in the offline meetings. Finally they found this daily scrum meeting tool which allowed free signup where we can also host multiple projects. After couple of weeks using it we decided to use it for all of our website projects, it is really worth it.

Scrum meeting process

It is really simple. We create projects for each website we work on. Then assign employees i.e. developers, designers, testers, project manager to that project. Project manager acts as a Scrum Master for that project meeting. S/he then schedules the meeting on this website. Before the meeting, each and every employee has to submit their report (what they did yesterday, what they will do today and if they have any roadblocks) for that meeting under their project. When meeting time arrives, project manager i.e. scrum master then gathers all the team members and conducts the meeting. S/he is responsible to make sure all the team member's roadblocks are resolved and the meeting ends on time. Team members are responsible to tell everyone about their work status, everyone takes a note of what others are doing which makes everyone's life easier.

We also have offshore team which works on some of the projects. Because their timezone is different, it was difficult before to sync everyone for project updates. But after we started using this website, they makes it easier by showing all the time as per the user's local timezone. So if we schedule a meeting at 9 AM PST, our offshore developers in India can submit their report before the meeting which is at 9:30 PM IST in their time. They also join the meeting using Skype call to update everyone about their work status and get updates from other team members to note if there are any changes in their work which they need to know before starting work next day their morning. This definitely clears misunderstanding even though team are in different timezones.

Though Stand-up meeting recommends everyone to stand up during the meeting, we don't follow that always as our Scrum Master makes sure the meeting is completed on time. We do insist standing up when Scrum Master feels people are getting lazy or meeting is not going in the direction they want.

If the same roadblock is seen for many days on any team member's report, it's an alarm that something's not going as it should be. It highlights another team members inefficiency to resolve something which blocks other team members in completing their work. Scrum Master takes care of this by either assigning that task to somebody else or asking the original assigned member to make it high priority.

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