Daily Stand Up Meeting

July 29, 2015

Importance of Stand Up Meetings

If you are in the corporate world, you are probably aware on how meetings are usually held. There are meetings that usually take long hours in the conference room and there are standup meetings which is typically short yet geared towards delivering important message and information through shorter talks and discussions where participants are usually standing while the meeting is in progress. Communication on one entire team is the main purpose of this meeting.

Stand up meeting is a particular type of meeting wherein attendees commonly participate while standing. It has been said that the discomfort of standing for extended period is intended. This is a means to make the meeting short. Stand up meetings are facilitated to communicate issues and problems, solutions as well as promote team efficiency and effort. Everybody stands up to avoid lengthy discussions. Having one short discussion or meeting is proven to be more efficient.

Some development methodologies, approaches and tools were created to envision daily stand up meetings and make commitments to all team members. These commitments enable participants to determine potential challenges and to coordinate efforts to solve time-consuming and difficult issues.

A Key towards improving team members’ efficiency in carrying out their tasks

Stand-Up Meeting is your daily scrum meeting that asks three basic questions:

  • What you did yesterday?
  • What you will do today?
  • What are your roadblocks?

The exclusive StandUp Report improves the efficiency of the members of your team in terms of carrying out their tasks and functions. Signing up for StandUp Report allows you to see how 15 minutes of stand up meetings using this excellent online tool can certainly save your wasted hours in everyday meetings. This tool also keeps a stand up meeting fast yet relevant.

What this Online Tool Would Allow you to do as Soon as you Sign Up

Unlike other online tools, StandUp Report allows you to do the following upon successfully signing up:

  • Set Up Account

    After you sign up, you can create your teams, projects and even schedule meetings. By inviting your team members they get email to set their password to start using the website.

  • Team Joins and Members Register

    The members of the team can set up their exclusive accounts on the official site and access reports and meeting schedules in their time zones.

  • Reports

    Members of teams can submit their reports for every meeting or project that is used during the stand up meeting as summary of their respective tasks.

  • Daily Stand Up Meeting

    Scheduled stand up meetings take place and all team members relate their progress as well as roadblocks on which the other team members carefully take note of.

You can do all these things with the help of this reliable online tool especially designed to make stand up meeting more convenient and effective.

Compelling Reasons to Choose StandUp Report

  • Assign team members, teams and projects to every meeting
  • Schedule stand up meeting daily with the desired timings
  • Submission of reports are made easy for team members
  • Create multitudes of meeting for diverse teams and projects each having their own specified timings
  • Determine if the members of your team are encountering obstacles in the course of completing their tasks.
  • Create teams, meetings and projects and then manage reports for every meeting or project separately.
  • StandUp Report is a must have online tool and getting this tool now can benefit individuals in many ways.

Sign up today for your daily Stand Up Meeting!

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