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Standup Report is your daily stand up meeting which asks three questions:
- What you did yesterday
- What you will do today
- What are your obstacles
which should not generally exceed 15 minutes of time.
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Why Choose StandUp Report? We’ll Tell You!

  • Schedule daily stand up meeting with desired timings.
  • Assign team, team members and projects to each meeting.
  • Create multiple meetings for different projects and teams, each with their own timings.
  • Team members can easily submit their report which becomes summary of their tasks in meeting.
  • Know if your team member has any obstacles in their way of completing task.
  • Manage team members from different parts of the world, they get all the timings in their timezone.
  • Create projects, teams, meetings and manage reports for each project/meeting separately.

    Set up account

    create things

    Create your projects, teams, invite team members, schedule meetings in your Settings page after your sign up.


    Team joins

    members register

    Team members sets up their account on the site and accesses meeting schedules, reports in their timezones.


    Team Reports

    tasks and roadblocks

    Team members submits their reports for each project/meeting which is used in the meeting as a summary of their tasks.



    daily stand up meeting

    Scheduled meetings takes place and team members says their progress, roadblocks which other team members takes note of.

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